Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Rubbish day!

Well today has been CRAP! Without going into detail social services have hit a new low. Everything thats been decided on at the last meeting has gone back on so really what was the point. *sigh* Really wonder how much longer this can go on for. :(
OK so not to bore you with that depressing rubbish to much! I have a happy little girl anyway, my Mum bought her and Mollie some Frozen style ribbon bobbles and hair clips. I did try and get a picture of them before she put them in but I didn't get a chance lol. She does look cute in them though :)
Also managed some scrapping last night. Having challenges to do is really helping my mojo so yey! This wasnt a challenge though, just me using up scraps :)
This photo was from Disneyland paris after we went on the Amargedon ride. OMG what a mistake! The kids insisted they would like it even though I wasn't sure, should have stuck with my instincts! They were fine until some water sprayed on them then they both freaked out. Cameron was hiding under Marks coat crying while Caitlin buried her head in my neck while I sung lullabies in her ear to calm her down.
Won't be going on that ride again!!


  1. Love that layout, hope SS come good soon although I won't hold my breath!

  2. Hugs Hun. Glad you managed some scrapping therapy though x


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