Wednesday, 18 June 2014


Last week I started helping a girl decorate her daughters room. Unfortunately she suffers from a disability so wasn't able to do it herself so I stepped in to help. Over the past few days I've redone the room so it is now a pretty pink, will get the carpet laid tomorrow ready for me to put the furniture in at the end of the week. :) Nice to help out where I can.
Which makes me think of my friend Lesleys meme, Make A Difference. The idea being that you do anything, however big or small to make a difference in someones life. If you would like to join in the info is here :)
Well other than that today has been a nightmare. :( Big bill we didn't expect so I had to cancel my hair appointment tomorrow which I was really looking forward to, then a drs appointment resulted in meds, blood tests and an ultrasound appointment. Joy. :( Really could do with some good luck soon please!!!!
After all the layouts I managed to do over the weekend with Jennifer Grace, my mojo has flown out the window, I did this one ages ago but hadn't shared it yet. I managed to finish these a while ago but hadn't shared them yet, more hama bead creations! I did a glow in the dark Pinkie pie for Caitlins room and...
a glow in the dark Minecraft sign for Camerons door :)
No idea what I'm doing tonight but can see a book and a cup of tea in my future ;)


  1. I am sure the help that you are giving your friend will bring some good karma your way. Loving all your hama bead creations

  2. Amazing job with the decorating, I can't loft into my link to out a new one up, will let you know when I've remembered!


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