Friday, 20 June 2014

Lucky girl :)

I'm Marks carer, we all know this and it's really my full time job. As a result we obviously don't have the same 'husband/wife' dynamic as most other couples but nobody can say we don't love each other :) Today bless him Mark did his absolute best to take all the weigh off my shoulders he could. It's been a difficuilt week with a possible long road ahead so safe to say I've not been 100% Mark went round almost all the shops up town with me begging for donations for the school, despite the fact he was obviously exhausted and struggling. OK it might not be the chocolates and flowers other wives class as romantic but it shows me how much he cares and tries his best to help. :)
OK that mushiness over I think we're both exhausted tonight! The PTA had a lot on today, we first had a 'bring a bottle' mufti day, where the kids had to bring a bottle of anything, wine, mouthwash, tomato sauce etc in order to wear normal clothes instead of uniform. OMG we were overwhelmed with the response! One parent donated 72 bottles of juice! Took a fair while to move stall them all before going town. After all that was done we went begging, then shopping for 130 hot dogs, rolls and onions etc ready for bingo!
It's always hectic organising a big event like this but I love it when it all comes together and we get to sit and watch everyone else enjoy it. We have loads more coming up this week so will be busy! I love it though, keeps me distracted.

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  1. Well done both of you, I know how hard it is to organise these things and with little thanks!


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