Sunday, 22 June 2014

Blast from the past!

Well this mornings car boot sale went quite well :) Made £30, bought the kids some goodies and cleared out a load of stuff which was cluttering up the garage. I also got very badly sunburned but oh well lol.
One of the things I got the kids was this!!! I had this same alarm clock when I was a kid and thought Cam would love it so snapped it up :) Trouble is now I'm home and set it up, we have no idea how to stop it going off every 2 hours!
Maybe it can just be a statue ;)
I also got a little coat for 10p, not because I needed a baby girls coat but because these buttons were so pretty! Love a good bargain ;)

Well regular readers might have noticed my blogging, and everything really has fallen by the wayside recently. If I'm honest its been a rough time. Not that times have been easy over the past couple of years with my sister etc but it's really been everything at once. More rubbish from social services, Mark having a lot of appointments recently. feeling very unappreciated at 'work' and I finally agreed to go to the doctors about some problems I've been having recently and turns out could be more serious than I thought :( I've had some bloods drawn and been prescribed some meds etc but waiting on appointment with the hospital for scans etc to find out whats going on. Funnily enough the straw that broke the camels back was the bills popping up so my birthday 'fund' is now empty. :( Was dreading turning 30 as it was but it becoming a 'non event' felt a little like the universe telling me I didn't matter. Daft I know but with one thing on top of the other....
Anyway I've had a week of wallowing and I'm done :) Time to pick myself up and get on. Luckily I have a million and one things coming up which need organising, planning and implementing so that will keep me busy! Hopefully will get some mojo back too ;)

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  1. So sorry about your bad luck Hemma - and hope the health scare turns out to be nothing - wishing you positive vibes about the getting up and getting on! x


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