Friday, 13 June 2014

Pamper night

Yey it's the end of the week!!! It's been a looooong week lol. To end it on a high we decided to have a pamper night :) Caitlins been asking to go to a spa for ages but shes a bit young IMO so thought we would bring the spa to her!
Girls enjoyed their face packs, manicures, foot massages and sweets!
Caitlin did my nails too, aren't they pretty? (where did I put that nail varnish remover?!)
Didn't manage to finish the garden today as had lots of volunteer work to do but fingers crossed tomorrow! That said it's supposed to rain so doubt anybody will be in the garden anyway!


  1. How fab!! Those pictures with the story of your home spa would make a great layout x


Thanks for your comments. :)