Friday, 27 June 2014

Never rains but it pours

Yesterday before the meeting I got a call that my Gran had been rushed into hospital. Shes ok but way back the doctors took her off her blood pressure medication as she was getting dizzy and they thought it might be that. Yesterday though at a check up they found her bloody pressure was sky high so rushed her to hospital and did all the usual checks before deciding the original dr was an idiot, putting her back on the meds and sending her home. Today I get a call my uncle has collapsed and took to hospital and needs a stent put into his heart. So thats two, dreading a third!
On a happier note my next door neighbours came round tonight and as the med watched tv we went through a load of my crafting stuff. She has recently got into paper cutting and wants to do cardmaking too so I was showing her some of the bits she can use.
Bless her she found all the things very overwhelming which I can understand. I remember when I started scrapping and there was just so much stuff! I must have wasted a fortune buying things I HAD to have that I ended up never using and either chucking, giving away or selling for a fraction of the price. Hopefully if she can have a go with my stuff she won't have that problem :) So after stuffing ourselves with pizza we played with punches, die cuts and various other bits and she went home with lots of little shapes and a very large shopping list. I did apologise in advance to her husband while Mark looked on in pity lol
I also managed a bit of scrapping myself :) Every month Jess and I set a sketch challenge for the two of us to do. I was a very bad scrapper and forgot all about it so this is the one I set in May lol.
And this was my take. Not my fave layout, it looked different in my head but I was doing it to try to kickstart my mojo so don;t think it was fully awake yet.
The photos are from back in Turkey, I was sitting on the balcony reading with my feet on the table so Caitlin decided to copy me. When she saw me taking pictures she hid under the table which is where she is in the giggling photo :)
The little journaling tags Caitlin actually wrote, saying 'Mummy and me belong together all the time, all all the time' How cute! :)

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