Thursday, 12 June 2014

Cute or creepy

You know, I get to a point where I think social services are as usless as they can get, then they get worse. SERIOUSLY!!!! You know that limit everyone has, honestly think I'm close to mine. Don't know if its an age thing or just circumstances but I really don't have as much patience as I used to and tbh I'm just done with the whole thing. *sigh* might feel different tomorrow don't know.
On a good note my gravel came so I managed to get most of that otu and the garden is almost done!!! Hopefully will be done by the weekend so the kids can get out there and play :)
Maybe if they do I can get some scrapping time! Still sharing old ones.
This is a realllly old photo from a theme park we went to. If I'm honest the park was actually pretty rubbish but the kids loved these swings which were like giant monkeys.
Not sure if they're cute or creepy myself, think I'm leaning towards creepy lol/
Well tomorrow Cameron is getting a star of the week award in assembelly then after a busy day we're having a spa night at home, going to need it I think!


  1. You will feel better about it all because you're the only one that keeps it together!

  2. Great layout and love the circle of dewdrops around the title x


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