Monday, 9 June 2014

So magical

So today has been pretty crazy at the start of a pretty crazy week! I have SO much to get done this week its scary!
This morning was ironing and cleaning before meeting my Mum to go shopping and do paperwork. Had a shock on the way, was driving and heard a loud bang, looked in my mirror to see the car just behind me being smashed by another into the division railings. We turned around to check everyone was ok but as they were all out of the car on their phones it seemed fine so drove on. We went to Asda, filled out so much paperwork my hand cramped and did our shopping. Driving back the traffic was dreadful and reaching where the accident was there were 2 fire engines, a air ambulence, normal ambulence and loads of police! Was shocked as really didn't look that serious an accident! :S Turned out later the car had turned the corner too fast and hit the other, one of the passengers had hurt their neck so taking no chanced they had cut the roof off the car and took them to hospital. Thankfully everyone was fine but scary to think if I was just a little slower it would have hit me :s
Well off accidents and onto layouts. I admit I haven't had a chance to do any more projects form the weekend so sharing some older ones :).
This is another one I did with the kit Jess sent me. She included a gorgeous overlay so that did most of the work for me
Some strips of paper and a bit of stickles and this photo of Caitlin meeting Belle was finished :)
SO excited about tomorrow, getting a skip delivered!!! OK most people wouldnt get excited about that but our lawn is such a mess I can't wait to dig it all out and get gravel laid. Can imagine I'll ache a bit tomorrow but will be worth it!

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  1. I always think, wow, if I hadn't forgot my phone or if the postman hadn't stopped me!!!
    Glad everyone was OK!


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