Tuesday, 10 June 2014


I'm amazed I'm still standing today lol. The skip came this morning so I've been digging out the turf, filling the skip and flattening the ground for the gravel for 6 hours in the blistering heat. When I ordered the skip the weather said cool with showers, didn't work out that way! lol. I'm so excited to get it done though and I admit I'm proud that I did it :)
The fact I saved £300 by doing it myself doesn't hurt either ;)
Still not scrapped so thought I would share the monocrome layout I did the other night. I never usually get black and white photos but loved this one of Caitlin Mark took with his phone as it shows off her eyes.
Was an amazingly simple layout with some washi tape and more goodies from the kit Jess sent me :) Still have a few bits left!


  1. Well done Gemma, you should be proud!!
    Beautiful layout :)

  2. I love, love, love this layout. The photo is so stunning, and the layout just emphasizes it. The butterfly in particular seems perfectly placed to highlight the catchlights in the left eye. Great job.

  3. Wonderful page - the way you scrapped it really complemented the photo. And kudos on getting the outside job done too.


Thanks for your comments. :)