Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sports day!

How did sports day come around so quick again?! This year seems to be speeding by at a crazy rate. Before I know it I'll have to be planning Christmas craft projects, yey! ;)
Luckily weather was nice compared to last year so we got to sit in the sun while we watched :) Caitlin wasn't too fond of the idea of taking part but she enjoyed it in the end.
Caitlin didn't place but Cameron came third in the running race, bless them I think they take after me in the athletic department. ;)
Still battling with social services. Seriously it's just a constant round of phonecalls, refusing to leave the office reception until someone listens etc. At the moment it's very one step forward, two steps back which is so draining it's unbelievable. Latest battle is that they lost the CRB checks they did back in January, and Mum isn't entitled to any money until those are done so I've been ringing round trying to find out who is responsible for that. It's always someone else though iykwim never the person I'm talking to. Not much alternative though so got to keep going!

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