Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Ever feel like all you do is argue with people? I'm having one of those days. Last week we bought a pre-owned Wii U from game, it was a special edition 'Monster hunter' pack and we were told the game was in the box. It wasn't so we rung up and asked, girl on the phone was really nice and said to come in with a recipt and she'll give us a copy. We went in only to be told sorry the manager said no so they could only sell us one. Oh how nice of them :( After going to their online site and complaining to head office funnily enough we were allowed copy! Had a smug smile when I went to collect that lol. Also been arguing with the usual, social services, council and now my 6 year old who seems to have turned into a mouthly little sod since he went back to school. Actually told me yesterday that he KNOWS all I do when he's at school is sit and watch tv. Cheeky begger, I wish!
Well when I haven't been sitting on my bum I managed to catch up with an old sketch challenge. This was the sketch,
And this is what I did :) This is a really old picture from when we went to Disneyland with my Mum and Mollie. We went out to dinner one night to a place that made lots of different types of ale. The adults had a little too much and Mum got a bit silly and put whipped cream on her nose lol, Caitlin was happy to help clean her up :)
Still making the christmas boxes lol, 60 down so 100 to go!

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