Friday, 27 September 2013


Well today I dropped Mark off with his friends for my annual respite weekend :) I miss him when he's with them obviously but its amazing how much I get done. It's like when the kids go away though, in my mind nobody can take care of my kids like me and nobody can take care of Mark like me lol. To be fair to his friends they do take good care of him, they let him rest as much as he needs and make sure he's taking his meds, I'm just a worrier at heart.
This year his friends are taking him on a short trip to London. I was a bit worried about the crowds etc but I made sure he rested as much as possible this week so he was as well as he could be for it and it sounds like they're having fun :) He sent this photo for Cameron who has a thing about the London eye and he got so excited bless him :)
Cameron did need a lot of reassurance before Mark went though, came out of school yesterday all upset:
Cameron - I don't want Daddy to go to London!
Me - Why?
Cameron - Because its on fire and the bridge is broken and they throw their poo out the window!!
Turns out he was learning about London at school, including the plague, fire of london and the song 'London bridge is falling down' Managed to convince him the fire was out, the bridge is fixed and they now have indoor plumbing. lol.

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