Wednesday, 25 September 2013

New bedroom :)

Well its WOYWW and on my workdesk is still a pile of boxes needing decorated so thought I'd share my bedroom instead :) It used to be deep purple, black and cream. I painted it when I first moved in and wanted something a bit different and classy looking, it ended up looking like something from 50 shades of grey. NOT my kind of thing! But it was done so put up with it until kids rooms, living room and pretty much every room in the house was finished so I could start again. :) Must admit I love it now. Its so calm and serene and just what I need right now. Granted mark says he feels like hes sleeping in a prom dress as the bedspread is all ruffled and rosette but nobodys asking him :p
Hes right enough though, this is how it is supposed to look, in reality it just looks like I don't own an iron. Thank goodness for the giant teal throw.
Still need to get the furniture and some cushions for the bed but will wait until the January sales for those.

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  1. Very pretty and who needs a male input anyway!!!


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