Monday, 2 September 2013

Heavy scrapping :)

As well as lots of playing, listing and planning I've been doing loads of scrapping :) I'm trying to use up my photos and amazingly only have a couple of Christmas photos left to do! Still have a huge pile of other photos to do but lets focus on the positive shall we :p
Will photograph the layouts tomorrow but ones taken in my living room light always look dreadful so this is the best I can do for now!
Well we're down to 2 days now!!! Tomorrow has a bad start as the kids and I have to go and get immunisations (ugh I hate needles!) but I promised them if they do well we'll do something nice afterwards. Also need to go to Asda to try and keep my temper in First Choice. As we're going to Turkey, apparently now we need to give them the details of our passports before we go, I tried this morning to do it online but it kept telling me Camerons name was wrong. I phoned to ask for help and got a really rude snippy guy. First thing in the morning is oh so NOT the time to be snippy with me! First he accused me of lying as I couldn't possibly get into the online form without my booking number, pointed out there was a link in the email they sent me; he then insisted that Cameron must be the lead name on the booking otherwise the name wouldn't matter, um, he's 6?! Then, and this was the BEST questions I've been asked for a while 'Are you sure that's his correct name? Is there anyone you could ask to check?' I gave him his name I think I know what it is!! Ended with him telling me to come into store for them to check it and do it while they charge me £5 for the pleasure. Ugh, no! So yeah they're doing it for free. lol.
Woops ranted there, lol. Wasn't all bad a day, as Camerons friend was round to play so I had an hour or so to sit with a coffee and make lists. I love to make lists :) So now I have lists of:
- shopping
- gifts I still need to buy for xmas
- crafts I need to do for xmas
- things I need to buy to make those crafts
- crafts I generally need to make
- things I need to buy to make general crafts
- Fun things to do for xmas
- Things that need done this week
- Lists that still need to be made
Yes you read that right, I have a list of lists I need to do. Is that a little obsessive?


  1. Ummm, yep! Sounds like a super organised person - only way to get things done. x You go get 'em at First Choice - would love to be a fly on the wall!

  2. Slightly obsessive, yse!!! I hope you took his name and reported him?


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