Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Long day

Well its been a loooong day. We met with the social worker to make a long term plan for the girls. My Mum wants to take them full time but she is seriously struggling with the whole idea and getting her head round it all. Unfortunately shes taking it out on me and I'm getting the brunt of her bad mood. I can see why, I'm the logical one, telling her what she needs to do and whats going to happen which really she doesnt want to hear so I'm the bad guy. As a result thats not vimto in my cup its rose wine lol.
Fingers crossed for a calmer day tomorrow!!


  1. We always take things out on the closest people to us - hope things improve and stay logical :)

  2. Oh dear Gemma, unfortunately that is what people do because they feel safe doing that with the people they love because they know you will still love them. I hope everything ends up with what is best for everyone. {{hugs}}


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