Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Ugh I didn't get much sleep last night, had a busy day though, managed to talk to a social worker so will see what happens there (fx its SOMETHING!) managed to get passport details finally sorted, shopping, cleaning and wrapping some gifts which came in the post. Mark face when a huge Cybercandy parcel came, and I instantly whipped it out of his hands and told him he couldn't open it was funny :) Also managed to finish a few little craft projects which have been sitting half finished for weeks but still need some more supplies to finish others so will be looking for them tomorrow.
Speaking of craft projects more layouts. :)
Simple one of Cam dressed as the easter bunny.
I like this one :) I love the papers and how happy Cam looks in the photos even though he's falling down.
Another simple one I love, :)

Sorry short but sweet post, :) Will end on some funny comments from the kids:

Catilin - Im off to the north pole!
Cameron - You cant do that, its on the moon!
And hes my clever one! :s

Caitlin - Mummy are you in charge of the house?
me - No me and daddy are in charge.
Cameron - Mummy it's not nice to lie.

I felt poorly last night so went bed same time as the kids
Cameron - Mummy you can't go to bed! There's jobs to be done!
Me - Well you can stay up and do them if you want.


  1. Great page, great quotes from your kids as always - hope you're making a book with them all in :)

  2. Your children's comments never fail to make me smile. You should write a book!

  3. Always loving quotes from your children xxx Three lovely layouts x


Thanks for your comments. :)