Sunday, 22 September 2013

Jack of all trades

Well today I have been:
1. Social worker - Trying to force a father to help out with his kids.
2. Plumber - Doing the dishes and my feet suddenly felt wet, bloody washing machine was leaking. So had to take apart, clean the pipes and put them back together.
3. Nurse - Cait still poorly, :( 40 degree temps.
4. Chef - Big sunday roast for the family.
5. Painter/decorator - Painting our bedroom.
6. Interior designer - Putting all the new curtains/pictures in the bedroom.
7. Electrician - TV needed moved and all rewired again.
8. Teacher - Helping kids with homework.
9. Maid - Well, enough said there.
10. Baker - Made sugar cookies with Cam.
Think I would do less jobs if I was employed!
Well the sugar cookies went down well. :) I got some cookie stamps from Stampin up and promised the kids we'd give them a go. Cait was in bed bless her but Cameron was very eager to have a go.
Think when I do them again I'll make them a bit thinner and add more sugar, tasted a bit bland to me.
That said I had to hide them to stop Mark and Cam eating them so they couldn't have been too bad!


  1. Whoa! How versatile are you? Imagine all this stuff you could put on your CV! x

  2. Lol! Your life sounds like mine Gemma - well done on not relying on a man to do those jobs :)


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