Thursday, 26 September 2013

No more boxes!

I've finished all the boxes!!! Didn't put the washi tape on the top in the end as got some pink staples which looked nice. There are 60 packed into this box and the rest in boxes in the wardrobe. Need to find another place for some christmas stuff at there's not much room for clothes anymore!
Well my blogging has well and truly gone to pot, but been so busy trying to get things organised with the girls. Think we have things into a planned routine now so its just putting it into practice, its obviously a lot more work for everyone but with the alternitive being them going into care its worth it.
Well Mark had a drs appointment yesterday about his water retention problem. It used to be REALLY bad before he had his transplant, but has started to become a bit of an issue again, mainly in his feet. She couldn't advice anything except elevation for the water, but said it did feel like a bone in his foot is deformed (trust Mark to be deformed lol) so has sent him for an x-ray. I have to have a chest x-ray on monday so she nicely made it for then to save us making 2 trips. Looks like Monday will be fun!


  1. Glad you've got your boxes finished - hope you're both ok?

    1. Marks no more ill than usual :) I've had a bad back for a while so dr is sending me for a chest x-ray. Im sure theres a link there somewhere! lol

  2. Well done on finishing all the boxes! Hope you are both ok xx


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