Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back to school!

Well today was back to school, yey! I love my kids but 6 weeks is a looooong time lol. They were both really excited to be going back and despite the very, very hot weather they insisted on wearing full uniform including jumper and cardigans *rolls eyes* funnily enough both were in book bags when I picked them up lol.
I was a little worried about Caitlin going in as I know she didn't know many people in her new class. She surprised me though and had no issues at all, I walked her in, she waved and said bye and I was dismissed! :) So preferable to her crying though.
Managed to get a fair bit done while they were at school. Still have loads of housework to catch up on tomorrow but did lots of jobs out and about, including getting marks hair cut. Honestly didn't know how bad it had got until I saw the mound of hair on the floor! Look so much better now.
Had a very happy boy when he got home, :) His skylander sidekick came this morning. He was so excited bless him. Both kids played so nicely tonight, hope it lasts!
Well tomorrow is all about ironing, cleaning the floors and finishing off the weights for my friends wedding. Quite looking forward to it. :)


  1. They look lovely for their first day back x

  2. Aw, sweet photo. Glad they were fine going to school. Imogen started Year 10 (yikes) on Thursday - two years of very hard work starts here :)


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