Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Kids go back tomorrow and we're all sooooo ready for it! Kids are getting bored now and I'm really eager to be getting back into routine and being able to get the house back in order. Started to decorate the bedroom at the start of the holiday. 6 weeks later and all I've managed to do is paint the windowsill lol. Have managed to photograph my layouts in the sun :)
So managed to put a dent in my photo pile, all Christmas ones now done, yey! So sorry for the amount of them in my next few posts lol. This is one from 2011, every Christmas eve we let the kids open a gift, its always the same thing, pjs, dressing gown, dvd and goodies. I used some of my glitter ribbon I got from TKmaxx here. I love this and wish id got more as its just so vibrant and easy to use, none of the glitter comes off like other ones I've used before.
This one is from when we built a snowman. My middle neice Evie didn't want her photo taken no matter how much we begged so this is her way of letting us know its just not going to happen lol.
Love this photo, lol. My Mum and Dad bought Mark this hat (for reasons best known to themselves) it plays music and lights up. Caitlin did NOT find it amusing and wouldn't go near him when he had it on. I wanted a photo so Mark ook it off, put Caitlin on his knee and my Dad quickly put it back on Marks head before I took the picture. Caitlin noticed however and what you see is the second before she stormed off in a huff, lol. Such rebellious girls in my family!
Not much planned tonight, managed to sell a few embossing folders I don't use anymore so got to parcel them up to post tomorrow. Yey made a few pennies towards bills. :)


  1. Great layouts and I love the stories behind the pictures x

  2. Aw, Imogen always gets anew pair of PJs on Christmas Eve too - lovely layouts :)


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