Sunday, 8 September 2013


Well havent had a chance to do a proper post so more catching up on layouts :)
This was for a challenge on counterfit kit, the idea was to use 100 of something. I've started it off as my idea is to list every where the kids go to with us which I'm sure will add up 100 soon enough :)
Love these photos :) We took the kids ice skating a couple of Christmas ago and Caitlin took to it amazingly well. We were all wobbling about and she was off like a shot!
Another couterfit kit challenge which was to use no patterned paper. Used up a lot of little embellishments too so yey :)
Hopefully more spare time tomorrow. Will be a long post so bring a coffee!


  1. Love the polaroid frame on the first LO and the photos of your two in 'Hats' are priceless x

  2. Great layouts and such cute photos x


Thanks for your comments. :)