Sunday, 29 September 2013

Hubby home :)

Well Marks back! The kids were SO excited to see him, though the first thing Caitlin said to him was 'What have you got us' lol. Typical girl. Obviously he hadn't got them much, some sweets in shaped tins and these.
They're just headbands to advertise some game thats coming out. They were free but as they make the kids look a little like Pikmin Mark know they'd love it. true enough they do! Don't know why I spend so much on toys *rolls eyes*

Funny comment from Caitlin the other day:
Caitlin - how did the first person get made?
Me - I don't know love it was a long time ago.
Caitlin - did a robot make them?
Me - um, no
Caitlin - but you said you didn't know! It might have!

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