Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Getting there

Well after yesterday I was just so tired I went to bed early with a book, to be honest might do the same tonight! Past couple of days have been ironing, painting, clearing all the wardrobes, clearing up after the workers putting in the shower, sorting out the loft, shopping and crafting! Phew. Finished all the birdhouse weights now :) Went back and added more glue and bits on to make them a bit sturdier and quite pleased with them. :) Hope the bride will be too.
Now just need to make 150 of these! Just little boxes with a small bag of Haribo in. Started them for my kids but my Mum now wants them for the girls so lots more to do.
Saw this while shopping and made me smile :) Not really much of a bargain is it?
Right well off to cut a few milk cartons and get an early night!

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  1. You've more patience than me Gemma making all those!!! Hope you feel less tired soon :)


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