Sunday, 15 September 2013

Still catching up

Seriously?! No idea what is up with me lately, maybe it's just getting back into routine after the kids have gone back. This week won't be much better though, Mark can't get in and out of the bath by himself anymore and I can't lift him out so the council are putting in a shower for us. Great but means the house is going to be full of workmen all week. Ugh. Will be wonderful when its done don't get me wrong but I can never relax when there are people in the house, plus what if I need to go to the toilet! 'Excuse me could you all go away while I pee please?' Noooo, lol, think I just won't dirnk anything this week.
Well these are the last of the layouts I made ages ago, really need to do some more! Will be crafting today as Caitlins homework is to make a scrapbook of her family, think I can help with that. :)
More snowy pictures :)
This one should say 2011, but I got mixed up on years and originally put 2012, now I don't have a 1 in the right font so need to hunt one out lol. On the tags I've wrote a few of the gifts they got that year, I like to do this each year and see how their tastes change.
Quick one of Caitlin opening gifts at my Mums house. :)
Well todays job,s crafting! If nothing else It will use up paper lol.

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  1. Hate having people in my house - only I'm allowed to make a mess ;)


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