Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Button bag

At a car boot sale a while ago I bought this bag for 50p. I had planned to cut the buttons off but Caitlin then decided it was hers and kept it lol. I knew I just had to bide my time until she got bored of it and sure enough she did lol. So cut it up and managed to get a huge pile of pretty buttons for 50p. bargain :)
Only one day left of the school hols! Spent today playing and getting things ready, amazing how much needs sorted before they go back! So looking forward to some peace and quiet. Put kids to bed early tonight to try and get them back into routine. They were obviously needing it as halfway up the stairs Caitlin burst into tears. When I asked what she wrong she wailed 'I'm tired and cranky!' No arguments there!


  1. Bargain! I need to go bargain hunting with you! X

  2. That's a great stash of bargain buttons! x


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