Friday, 20 September 2013

Deep breath

Remember how I said about my sister and social worker? Well today we had a meeting with the head worker. Knew it was gonna be a bad day as started with Caitlin being sent home from a school trip because she was sick :( Poor baby. Anyway the meeting went as expected, sister lost her temper, called the worker a b***h and had a general 'I don't care attitude' She does care, that's just her general attitude. About 20 minutes after the meeting I had a call saying they were removing the girls. Paul (lillies dad) came right away and collected her but we couldnt get in contact with Cro (eldest tows dad) so I took them. We're more than happy to keep them but legally until their Dad says no we can't do anything long term so hopefully will have a meeting with him later, if he decides to answer the phone and show up!! Can you tell I'm annoyed with him.

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  1. Phew, those kids are so lucky to have you on their side, fighting their corner - well done Gemma x


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