Wednesday, 1 May 2013

All done!

Look layouts :) lol. I used some older papers from a Sarahs cards kit and some from a paper pack I bought the very first retreat. That would be 3 years ago now so time to use them up I think!
This is from last year when we went camping. We bought a pop up tent and because it was a 'pop up tent' we assumed it would do just that so figured it would be easy, no need to try it beforehand at home. Yeah you can guess what's coming lol. the main part did indeed pop up, but it needed poles to keep it up, then needed a top sheet with rope threaded through and then special knots to hold it then all stuck into the ground. Mark bless him couldn't do much at all to help so it was down to me.
Now anyone who has tried to build anything with kids about know how 'helpful' they can be. Caitlin insisted she could read the instructions while Cameron wanted to help with the poles which mainly resulted in him almost hitting people in the head. I managed it though and it stayed up all weekend so woo hoo!

It was a great weekend, we were hoping to go this June but doubt we will be able to afford it but fingers crossed for August. Think we will invest in some air mattress this time though! The kids slept well but me and Mark were far from comfy!


  1. Love the layout and well done on getting the tent up, especially with two little ones 'helping' you! I don't think I would manage our tent on my own but then again it is a huge thing with 3 different sleeping areas that Paul bought. If it was for me to set up I would have also tried to get a pop up one lol :)

  2. Oh yes, I know all about that sort of 'help'! Well done on sorting it yourself x

  3. Love camping, our first camping trip was a bit like that :)

  4. lol at your tent story! Lovely page :)


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