Friday, 31 May 2013

Christmas shopping.

Yes you read right, today I started my christmas shopping. :) In my defence I didn't actually mean to, I went for coffee with my Mum and she wanted to go to our local Argos warehouse to look for a birthday gift for my niece. Well we didn't find anything for her but found loads of lego sets, k-nect sets and other bits my two would love. Well i couldnt turn down those bargains could I!? lol. Ended up with a trolley full of toys for £40. Very pleased. :)
Quick post today as really didn't do much, but very funny comment from Caitlin this morning. I was upstairs tidying when she called me into her room to help tuck her 'baby' into bed. I do so and she then informs me 'I need to put her to bed now because in two days I'm leaving my baby and my husband.'
Seriously worried about her future lol


  1. Seriously - you bought Christmas presents?????? No way.

  2. I already have one or two pressies too. Love Caitlin's comment, I guess she didn't leave?


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