Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Disneyland day 3

So tired this morning! lol, felt really achy and exsausted monday but managed to do all the unpacking, huge amount of washing and tidying that always follows a holiday. Yesterday morning was shopping paying bills. Back to normality! The ironing pile is scary high but in this heat I'm not even going to attempt it. Think I'm just going to chill out and catch up with a bit of tv and blog :)
So on day 3 we went to Chalet de marionette in fantasy land. It was the first time we had breakfast in the park so wasn't sure what to expect but it was nice. Was quieter than the hotel and had a slightly better selection. There were yogurts and fresh fruit for example along with all the usual fare.
Back into the park for extra magic hours but most of fantasy land was closed, it was really quiet however so we got some photos instead :)

Each time we go I get a picture of the kids by the 'sword in the stone' its turned into a bit of a tradition and its great to see them grow up in the images :)

At this point my camera died!! so we walked back to Buzz for another ride. There were many in the holiday lol. As Cameron picked Buzz Caitlin picked Orbitron. Poor Mark has a fear of heights but went on it for Caitlin. After spinning in circles and going as high as Caitlin could make the rocket go poor Mark was a bit green so we went to videopolis to sit down a bit. Its sad theres no shows there anymore, the lion king show we saw years ago was amazing but now they just show cartoons on a big screen. Good for a bit of a rest though :)
No longer feeling ill we thought it only fair Mark got to choose the next ride. No surprise him being a huge Star wars fan he picked Star tours. I was a little worried about Caitlin being scared but she loved it. I had my arm over her lap to start with incase she needed a cuddle but she pushed me away lol. Looks like I have 2 little daredevils now :)
When leaving Star tours Cameron pointed out Les Mystères du Nautilus. I had never been on this before or even known it was there, but reading about Disney before the trip had said it was good so we went through. Turned out to be a 'walk trough' ride where we went through Captain Nemos submerine. Caitlin wasn't impressed but Cam thought it was interesting.
Caitlin turn to pick and we went back to fantasy land for Dumbo (more spinning lol)and the Alice in wonderland maze; walking past 'Its a small world' we bumped into Peter pan, Wendy and Smee. The kids didn't want photos or autographs though so we kept going. I however wanted as many pictures as possible to suggested going to meet Mickey. Caitlin bless her was feeling a bit weepy so doesnt exactly look happy in the photos.

After a quick cuddle and Caitlin talking to her Granny on the phone she was all smiles again :) As we were planning on seeing dreams that night we had a quick ride on Pirates of the carribean (where Mark got soaked) we went back to the hotel for a nap. :)
Bless Caitlin, after a couple of hours sleep she woke up saying she felt better today, but she missed dinner! When was breakfast? Explained to her it was the same day which she found very funny as obviously people don't sleep during the day! Silly Mummy :) She decided she wanted to dress as tinkerbell for dinner so got her ready and off we went.
When we got back to the park I thought I would ask at City hall again about Marks pass. Luckily we got an english staff member this time who took one look at Marks drs letter and changed it to include mental issues as well. :) Unfortunatly just as we left City hall it started to rain. Bah. I was determined to stay though so we went on a few indoor rides including Peter pans flight and phantom manor. I'd never gone on peter pan before and thoguh it was very jerky I loved the attention to detail. :)
Luckily we had made reservations for Walts so managed to escape the rain and go to dinner. The staff were great as usual, calling Caitlin Tinkerbell and asking if she had any fairy dust. :) The setting in Walts was beautiful with artwork all over the walls, we had just ordered our food when we heard the music for the parade start. Cameron was happy drinking his coke but Caitlin and a few other little girls ran over to a side window to try and get a glipse as it went past. We were waiting for it to start when the manager came over. 'Oh no' I thought, 'We're in trouble' Nope. he ushered the girls over to the front window over looking the main street, moved two tables out of the way so they could get the best view and told them to enjoy. They were thrilled :) We had a perfect view of the parade and as we were so high all the princess' waved to us as they went past. It really was magic. :)
Parade over we went back to our food which was amazing. In our whole stay there it was the best place we ate at.

After an amazing meal we wondered about the Pirates cove a bit. We got very lost but the kids enjoyed it, particually going across the bridge, jumping and scaring the life out of Daddy when it bounced up and down lol. Then it was time to go back and wait for Dreams :)

OMG it was amazing. The lasers, the waterfalls, the fireworks. You could see the amount of work and planning that had gone into it. Hlafway through, when they were cutting from film to film, Caitlin piped up 'I wonder where we're going now?' which I think sumed it up perfectly, it really felt like you were part of the story. :) Having not long lost my Grandad before we went I admit I bawled at the Brave scene but there were other crying at the end too it was quite emotional. Worth the holiday just to see that :)


  1. Very busy days but sounds like you all had a great time :)

  2. Wow! What another wonderful day! lol at Caitlin thinking she'd slept through dinner and how great would it be to scrap the sword in the stone "through the years" :)


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