Saturday, 25 May 2013

Catch up

Wow another 2 days without blogging. Not doing well am I! At least this time its not been been because of something bad, its just because I've done nothing interesting lol.
Thursday was a little dramatic granted, woke up, took kids school, came home and planned to do some cleaning before going to get some shopping for my Gran. Then the door knocked and I opened it to see a policeman standing there. No joke in the seconds between him saying 'Mrs Steele?' and saying 'Its nothing too bad don't worry' about a million thoughts went through my head, my sisters ex has killed her/the girls, mum and Bri have been in an accident, somethings happened to granny? it was horrible! So when he told me someone had slashed my tyre it was almost like 'Oh is that it?' lol. Turned out some hooligans had gone on a spree and wreaked about 26 cars around the town. Most only had one or two tyres done but some had been scratched or spray painted. Gonna cots us £50 for a new tyre. Not impressed. :( Felt for the officer though, he ran through what they were doing to catch whoever it was, going door to door, reviewing CCTV and all that, honestly sounded like so many man hours being wasted on such a stupid act. He was really apologetic though as there wasn't much to go on so he wasn't too hopeful. I got the impression he'd had it in the neck from previous houses he'd been to but if there's no evidence what can they do?
So Thursday we were stuck in because it's been 10 years since I changed a tyre so didn't want to do it until Bri was home and could help me, lol, Friday we were stuck in too waiting for Bri to come round so did lots of ironing and caught up on my dvd rentals.

Pitch perfect was really funny! I wasn't expecting much of it as its been compared to bridesmaids etc which I wasn't too fond of but it was really good. More like mean girls meets Glee.
Now this I was expecting a lot from but was really dissapointed.

It just seemed to go on for aggggggggges, I'd seen the other film with Liam neeson years ago and loved it but this one went on just a little too long for me.
Now scrapping has gone out the window because Blockbuster finally sent us this! Woo hoo! I'm a HUGE Tomb radier fan but the last couple of games have been dire. This one was supposed to have gone back to the orignal idea and while there arn't as many puzzles as I would like it's still very addictive and fun. Don't think kids are complaining either because I lost track of time playing it yesterday while they were outside and next thing I knew it was 9pm! They're usually in bed by 8 at the weekend lol.

So the spare wheel is now on the car, off to the shops tomorrow to get some plants for the front garden which is now all weeds then will try and get a spare tyre next week. See, boring, lol.

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  1. Your doing better than me at blogging - Pitch Perfect, great film :)


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