Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunny day :)

Wow HOW great was the weather today?! Usually on sunny days I'm either out with the kids, or doing washing. Today though I threw caution to the wind and sat outside and relaxed :) I borrowed Camerons 3DS to have a go, oh you should have seen his face! I said I was going to have a go and he looked at me distraught and wailed 'But WHY?!' You'd have thought I just told him he was being given up for adoption. He still 'let' me though, not that it would have mattered I'd have took it anyway lol.
Did do some work though, tidied the back garden and did start to weed the front path. Stopped that pretty sharpish when i took hold of one lot of weeds and a load of ants started running up my hand! Good job Mark didn't do it, he hates them bless him. Always makes me laugh as hes so huge and the ants are so small lol.

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