Friday, 3 May 2013

Happy birthday baby girl :)

My baby, my youngest, is 5 today. 5! Where did that go?! I don't know why but 5 seems so much older than 4. It might be because its the age she 'officially' starts school, or because shes now closer to 10 than she is to birth I don't know, but it seems so grown up!
I've talked about Caitlins birth a number of times. How she was very much a surprise, how she should have been a twin but I sadly lost the other, but I don't talk much about her as a baby.

Cameron bless him was a very demanding baby. He suffered badly from colic, had night terrors and also petimal epilepsy. Also with Marks illness reaching its worst when Caitlin was a couple of weeks old the poor sweetheart barely got a look in. Amazingly, I think on some baby instinct level she knew this because I could not have asked for an easier child. She breastfed easily right away, woke once each night for the first 4 days then after that slept through! Seriously, her big brother still woke 5-6 times a night but she was an angel. I admit I was terrified when I found out I was carrying her as I didn't know how I would cope with two but she was just such a little sweetheart and completed our little family. Cameron adored her from day one. More than once I would find them getting into trouble together, like pulling everything out of drawers, or the time when I dozed off on the couch to wake up to find they had discovered the talc and covered the living room in it. Each time though when I was mad, two little faces would smile up at me like butter wouldnt melt and I'd cave lol. They still double team me now! The other day they actually started fighting, and I shouted at Caitlin to stop winding up her brother. Caitlin started crying and Cameron told me off and gave her a hug! God help me when they're teenagers at the same time. I've no hope!
When Cameron was born I swore he would be an only child as it was such an ordeal. I'm so glad my creative, sneeky, loveable, adorable little girl came along anyway.


  1. Aww this is a lovely post, happy birthday Caitlin xx


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