Monday, 27 May 2013

As easy as riding a bike? Total rubbish!

Well just had a visitor I didn't expect! Police again, and they caught someone for the damage to my car. Really surprised as obviously there was no evidence or anything but apprently she'd damaged a police officers car in the past (clever of her) and they recognised the MO, asked her and she admitted to it. So hopefully I might get a little bit back for my tyre.
Well today was a lovely day so we decided to take the kids out on their bikes without stabilisers. Well that went down like a ton of bricks! Poor Cameron was ready to throw his bike in the bin at one point lol. I bribed and begged and threatened and they managed to make great progress though so ended on a high. Hopefully we'll have a few more sunny days and they'll be riding by the holidays.

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  1. Hopefully she will have to pay for your tyres - fingers crossed :)


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