Monday, 13 May 2013

Disneyland days seven and eight.

I've been doing each day seperate but we didn't do a huge amount of day 8 so decided to combine the last two

Day seven was our last full day so we were up early and in the park for extra magic hours. We went on pinochio but unfortunatly peter pan and snow white was broekn down which was dissapointing. My daughter even said 'Disneyland isn't supposed to be like this' which broke my heart. A quick ride on Dumbo and the carousel cheered her up a bit, and a refill of popcorn and a special Tiana straw soon had her smile back full force
During our visit we had met all the princess' except for Rapunzel and Belle, so wanted to visit the princess pavilion as much as possible to try and manage that. Caitlin even wore her Belle dress to get soem luck, Her Rapunzel dress was covered in chcolate from an ice cream lol. Our first visit was Snow white however, and guess who we saw walking in as we walked out! Belle! So frustrating.
We raced back to the queue to get another ticket but our slot wasnt for another 2 hours so we went on a few more rides, bumping into a few friends at the same time

Cameron and Caitlin LOVED Abu, I love how Cameron and Abu seem to have the same smile lol. There was also the white rabbit and mat hatter but they didn't want to see them. I think they had seen a lot of characters by this point so were kind of cherry picking their favourites. By now it was time for princess pavillion and we got to meet.....

Yey! Caitlin was thrilled and Belle was lovely. She showed cameron how to stand like a prince and made a big fuss of Caitlin dress. We only had one more chance to try and meet Rapunzel but decided to cut our losses for the day and try tomorrow morning. Both kids wanted to go on Pirates again so we made our way there and look who we saw!

I knew Diversity were dancing there from reserch but as I'd seen nothing else since I thought it had changed or it wasn't a public thing, so I was thrilled to see Ashley Banjo dancing on the hill outside the castle. We decided to go to city hall and ask if they were doing a show and were told yes at 7pm. Was so excited! However we had reservations at Beaver creek at that time. The original plan was to eat there Saturday and at Silver spur steakhouse before we left on Sunday but obviously that had to be changed lol. Issue was everywhere else was booked that night, and very few places were open for lunch the next day. The poor woman tried everything she could but could only get us into the Silver spur that night at 5:30 but nowhere for the next day. After discussion we decided to go back to Annettes the next day. We would lose money on our vouchers but we didnt mind as the food was great last time.
All sorted we went to the Studios for the last time. Felt quite sad walking through the gates. The kids went on the usual faves, the Cars ride, Slinky dog and then over to Stitch live once again. We timed it well as there were lots of characters out again including Woody and jessie who we hadn't seen yet.

Stitch live was fun as usual. Felt half sorry for one guy though, Stitch picks on a Dad during the show, asking him to get up and wiggle or dance. Most dads just do it, Rob however who was picked just stood and said 'no' No matter what Stitch said he was having none of it. Would have been less embarrasing to just have a go in my opinion but there you go lol. Stitch ended up telling him to 'lighten up, you're on your holidays' and moving on.
Back to the main park, did a few rides in discoveryland before going to dinner at the Silver spur steakhouse.
No photos from here as I was asked by my son to please stop taking pictures of his food as he just wants to eat it lol. But it wasn't too bad. Both adults had the Beef Carpaccio with chopped hazelnuts. I didn't like it but hubby ate mine and his so think it was just me, lol. Kids both had sweetcorn and cheese in a funny tangy sauce. Neither ate it but that was the only option they had.
Mains were fish and chips for Cameron, and 4 cheese ravioli for caitlin. This was the only time in the holiday where the menu in the park differed from the menu on here so this was a last minute choice as I thoguht she would have a burger. Anyway ended up she didnt like the filling, so I had to open up all the ravioli to get the cheese out, and she ended up just eatign 2 bits and her brothers chips I had the Meat skewer with devil sauce and Mark the Roasted duck, balsamic cherry sauce. Both were ok, except for we asked them to be well done. Mine wasn't too bad except for one bit I left but Marks still was very raw.
Pudding was the best bit all round. Mark had the Thunder Mesa Cheesecake, me the Chocolate, pecan and caramel g√Ęteau, Caitlin the yogurt and Cam the chocolate brownie. I don't think I'd choose here again but it wasn' dreadful if you know what I mean.
Dinner over we went to see Diversity!!!! There was a huge group waiting to get into the area right in front of the stage, so we decided to take our chances and stood over to the side where there was a Disneyland carpet running down to the stage. This turned out to be the best decision of the holiday. Not only where we right next to them as they walked down (about 18 times bless them to get the right take) but we met another family (Karen and Pete with their kids Jamie-Leigh & Ruairidh) there who were so lovely.

See how close we were. Ashley was lovely, chatting to us in between takes. Once that was done they moved the carpet and everyone could go to the front to watch the dancing. The kids had really hit it off so the kids ran around playing, while the dads stood chatting, and the mums ran to the front to scream and wave lol.

We had planned to go back to the hotel room for an early night but the kids were having a great time so we decided to stick about for dreams. Turned out to be the best night of the holiday
The next morning we arranged to meet Karen, Pete and the kids at the play park in frontierland. we asked the kids if they wanted to do any rides first but they just wanted to see their new frends lol. So after a couple of final rides we went to the park. 3 and a half hours the kids played happily We were lucky as the weather was great so the adults just sat chatting when the kids played. It was a shame we hadnt met earlier really.
With our train at 4pm though we said goodbye and went for lunch. the kids shed more than a few tears on the way so I promised I'd buy them a treat after they'd ate. For our last lunch we went to Annettes. The food again was amazing. Too much for Mark to finish so he decided to build a palm tree. Dont think he realised the waiter was standing over his sholder watching him lol.

We had plus vouchers which were worth more than our meal but they waiter gave us extra drinks and even gave us back one of the kids vouchers to use again. As we were leaving it was no good to us so we tried to give it away but everyone looked at us like we were mad so ended up keeping it lol.
After a quick bit of shopping, and a few more tears from the kids we boarded the train to go home. Over all it was just an amazing holiday. Cant wait to go back!!!


  1. Glad you all had such a fab holiday you can start saving for the next one now :)

  2. It does sounds like a really great holiday, so glad you all enjoyed it x

  3. I will have to read all the posts - this was a great one and so much wonderful scrapping fodder! You will have to put all this journalling into your album when you scrap the photos .... x

  4. I have enjoyed reading all your disney posts - looks like you have had an amazing time and you have lots of wonderful photographs for your albums - looking forward to seeing all the layouts that you will make x


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