Saturday, 4 May 2013

Disney snacking

No layouts for ages now theres loads lol. I thought it would get me in the mood for our upcoming holiday if I scrapped some photos from our last holiday a couple of years ago. I've done most of the really nice ones so just the random ones left lol.
I picked this one of Caitlin enjoying some popcorn. The kids hate popcorn, won't touch the stuff at home. While we were away however Mum bought some for Mollie and obviously because it was in a Disneyland cup that made it taste SO much different! To be honest I didn't mind as once you bought the cup it was only a couple of euros for a refill, so really was a cheap snack compared to the insane prices all around the park.

Using up bits still so managed to put a few on here, including a big glittery flower I got at a recent retreat from my friend Gillian. I love them, no idea why she wanted rid lol.

Hopefully some more up to date Disney photos soon!!!


  1. I'm sure you don't really need to scrap photos to get yourself in the mood for your holiday!
    Fab page though :)

  2. Lovely layout Gemma - I love how Tinkerbell is squeezed in there too :)

  3. Fab colours - love the popcorn papers and the ribbon ruffle! Love it.


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