Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Creative kids :)

Well today is Marks birthday, both kids wanted to give Mark a a gift and despite me saying we'd got him want they wanted to do their own. Caitlin made him a card and Cameron wrote him a story :) Mark was thrilled and it was so touching that they had done it off their own backs rather than me telling them to.

This is Camerons story for those who want to read it

Star wars
Once upon a time, the storm troopers were looking for a magic bomb to blow up Yoda. Yoda was trying to get there first so he could blow up them instead, so while running he fought them with his light saber and it worked. he got there first, he blew up the storm troopers, then a huge storm trooper came out of his hiding place but Yoda had two of the magic bombs so he blew up the storm trooper and won.
The end.

Ok so it won't be on the best seller list anytime soon but he really worked hard on it, concentrating on his spelling and his handwriting and he was so proud of it :)
As it was marks birthday and half term we went to the cinema to see Epic. It was really good :) Kids loved it and it was funny and interesting for the grown up too. Its nice they're getting older so we can see films we all like, much better than when they were kids and we had to sit through endless Thomas films lol.

We also went to dinner at The Harvester, with vouchers and getting small meals it didn't work out too bad, hopefully we'll get some compensation from the police too so that will help.

Tomorrow Camerons friend Jack is coming to play so hectic day I'm imagining! Hes all excited though so well worth it. :)

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  1. Yay, you did get your tickets, happy belated birthday to Mark :)


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