Thursday, 9 May 2013

Disneyland day 4

Is it the weekend yet? lol. As fun as Disney was last week it was get up and go from the start and non stop all day. Let me put it this way, we ate all you can eat breakfast every morning, crossants with jam, pan-au-chocolate, hot choc with full fat milk, cheese, ham etc. Then ice cream, coke, snacks during the day, then a huge meal with drinks etc every night. We ate LOADS, and in 8 days I gained.......1.5lbs. I ate less at Turkey last year and gained a stone and a half in 7 days lol. Poor Mark has pretty much slept since we got back and his legs and feet are all swollen up. Think the kids are feeling tired too, Caitlin was watching tv yesterday and shouted 'That Turkey is huge!' it was a donkey, lol. Well while we're all tired it was so worth it, and on that note onto day 4. :)

Had a bit of a lie in today and went into the park for breakfast at 9:45. We were at the Plaza gardens today which while prettier wasn't as well laid out in my opinion. There were 2 sides and only some things on each side which led to a bit of hunting. Also there were no trays which I assume was to stop people piling on loads of food then not eating it, but was annoying when I was trying to get breakfast for two children plus myself. Still nice food and a better selection than the hotel though.

Today we decided to spend mainly in studios so set off there. After taking photos in the Monsters inc setting (got to be done lol) we went to see Animagic.

This is usually my favourite show in studios but there seemed to be a lot less fish in the little mermaid section and less bubbles and puppets over all. It was still a great show though and the kids both loved it.
Still doing shows we went to the Lights, motors, action! Stunt show. I had shown the kids some pictures of this beforehand so they would know what to expect. Caitlin obviously had been very excited about the one with the man on fire as everyone who came out she would ask 'When's he going to be set on fire?' She must have sounded like a mini pyromaniac to anyone listening. Cameron however was much more impressed by Lightning McQueen.

His part in it was quite short but fun to watch and great for cars fans. The staff were great again. One sitting near us at the start had a pin of Mickey dressed as a pirate. Cameron asked if he could trade with him but at this point only had a few, more boring pins himself. The guy was great though and took a fish pin from cam, making a huge deal of it and even shouting to the crowd how he had a little mermaid fish pin and they didn't. Seemed they would do anything to make the kids laugh .
Next stop was playhouse Disney. It was the exact same show we saw when we came 2 years ago but the kids couldn't remember it from then so was all new to them anyway lol.
Must say though I would NOT like the cast members job there. Its an interactive show so theres a huge green section in the middle of the room, two small green sections either side at the front and a yellow path running around the room. Very simple request, no flash photos and stay off the yellow sections. during the 20 minute show we counted 45 times the poor woman had to get up and ask people to move, or turn off their flashes. Was so disrespectful.
Coming out we were greeted by large groups of people in circles, yey the characters were out! We managed to get quite a few photos and autographs at one time.

We met Ariel again but was a bit more trouble this time. There was only a small amount of people around her including a few grown ladies who were next to be seen as Ariel was working in a circle iykwim. Caitlin and I stood next to one of the ladies with Caitlin standing in front of me. The lady looked down at Caitlin and stood in front of her, hitting her in the head with her bag as she did so. I picked her up to check she was ok and the cast member standing with Ariel called us over to get our picture taken next. Bless him, I wouldnt have minded waiting our turn as the ladies were there first but after that I was more than happy to go before them. They must have spotted it and Ariel even brushed Caitlins fringe out of the way and asked 'how is the little princess?' Happiliy this was our only bad experience while waiting to see characters as I've read a few other horror stories.
There was also Tigger, rabbit, mulan, goofy, donald and daisy duck, remy, gaston, queen of hearts and a few others we couldn't really make out behind the crowds. They stayed for a fair while but after sitting so long on shows the kids wanted to go on some rides so we went on the cars and slinky dog.
While Caitlin didn't seem bothered about the rude lady earlier I was feeling bad so decided to treat the kids to a little gift. They had both seen themed Stitch soft toys on the first day and had asked about them a number of times since so we took them to get them. Cameron got Yoda Stitch and Caitlin baby Stitch, which even I thought was adorable. With their new toys they quite predictably wanted to go to Stitch live again to show him lol.
The show was just as fun as before, though this time Stitch talked to Caitlin, asking if she had a boyfriend lol. When she said no he picked a little boy, David, from the crowd and asked him to be Caitlins boyfriend. Caitlin is usually really shy at home to was amazing to see her chatting away and giggling in front of so many people. In honesty her confidence really grew this holiday it was wonderful. She even attempted french a few times.

After Stitch it was time for dinner at Cafe Mickey. They had lost our reservation when we called to check that morning so rather than the 6:30 we had booked we had to go at 5:30. No big deal but I was very glad we had checked otherwise we would have had no table at all.
As the charecters didn't start until 6 the staff sat us at 5:30 but didn't really take our orders until 5:50 This didn't bother us but the family sitting across from us were less than pleased as they had a young boy with them who was falling asleep. I think their mood was worsened however when a mouse ran across the room, and not the clubhouse kind! I'd read about this happening however and as it was raining outside I wasn't really surprised.
We got our starters at 5:55, which was fine, the kids were happy watching the tv and chatting until they came and we wanted to wait about for the characters anyway. I had the Fantasia Mushrooms which were nice but surprised me by coming with a huge bulb of garlic. Is this a french thing? lol Was very yummy and very filling though Hubby had the Cappuccino de tomate which was very prettily presented in a large glass with whipped sour cream on top.
Kids had vegetable soup for their starter, which tasted exactly like the sauce Heinz Spagehtti comes in lol.
Not that they really ate it as they were too excited as a few friends came round

It was all very organised and nobody got up or ran over to the characters that I saw. They went round all the tables and spent some time with each one signing books and doing photos. Goofy was also being daft and hiding behind bread rolls and playing peek a boo with a baby
For main hubby and I ordered Pièce de Bœuf, the steak was nice as was the sauce but the vegetables were drowned in oil so we didn't touch them.
Cameron had the chicken burger and Caitlin the pizza which they both ate. Nothing special but good food for the kids. You were paying for the interaction anyway which was great. Halfway through our main Tigger came round. Cameron got really excited and started jumping up and down so of course Tigger started bouncing too lol.
Next was Pluto who nosed Caitlin in the stomach until she gave him a pat on the head.

The main mouse we didnt get too long with as a birthday cake came out just as we took the photo and he went off to that table, but we'd met him a couple of times before so didnt mind. Pudding was the best bit in my opinion I had Fondant au chocolat, chocolate and cherries, my two fave things lolHubby had profiterole thoguh the chocolate sauce was too rich for him so he gave it to me. I didnt say no, lol. I think the kids were on a extreme high by this point as when their puddings came out, and we told them they could eat the bowl they both squealed like they'd won the lottery.
By this point Goofy and Minnie were coming out again so we guessed we'd seen everyone and decided to take two very excited, happy kids back for the night.

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