Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Disneyland paris day two (picture heavy)

Had a bit of a lter start today which was needed after the early start yesterday. Breakfast wasn't supposed to be until 10 but the kids were excited to get to the park so we went down at 9 with no problems.
Breakfast was the usual stuff, pastrys, rolls, ham and cheese etc. I had been preparing myself for a bit of a scrum as I had heard it was really bad but while it was busy it wasn't unmanageable. To be honest it was worse when we stayed in Sequoia lodge as the chairs and tables were much closer together there.
After breakfast we walked through the lobby to bump into someone :)

Minnie was so nice, she spooted Camerons birthday badge and gave him a huge hug. After a few photos she asked for a kiss but Cam was a bit shy so Daddy gave her a kiss instead lol. After lots of photos we walked into the park, wondering through the shops in the village. Being a scapbooker I spotted these gems right away :) then almost passed out when I saw the price. 9 euros, 9 euros?! thats £7.57, you can get these in poundland!

Picking myself off the floor we went to city hall to get Marks easy access pass. Unfortunatly the woman only spoke very borken English so only crossed the physical disabled section, meaning we couldnt watch the parade together. I explained Mark couldnt be alone with the kids in that environment but she didn't seem to understand so I just let it go. She was really nice when she saw Cams birthday badge however and gave him a special birthday sticker with his name and pictures of Mickey and friends on it.
With a happy boy and our easy access pass we went into Studios for the day. We walked in to see that Buzz lightyear was there! A very excited Cameron posed for photos and Buzz made a big fuss of him. To be honest all the staff did, even workers clearing up rubbish stopped to tell him happy birthday, it was wonderful :)

The staff were equally as understanding with Marks pass and couldn't do enough for us. We went right onto the spinning Cars, then went to Slinky dog. Another family had sat in the seats closest to the entrance and without us even saying anything the cast member asked them to move to another so Mark could sit down. Was such a weight off my mind that he was being cared for.
At the kids insistance, we decided to go on Armagedon. We have been on it before and thought it might be a bit loud but the kids really wanted to so thought we'd give it a go. OMG that was a mistake lol. They were fine at first, then the water sprayed them in the face, that was it Caitlin was burying her head in my sholder crying while I sang lullabys in her ear and Cameron was doing his best to hide his head inside Marks jacket. Won't do that again!

To cheer them up I let them take a few photos with my camera, Cameron took a really nice one. :)

We had a little bit of time before Stitch live started so took them into the animation center. Caitlin loves to draw so it was right up her street. She coloured in pictures using the touch screens, made 'moving' pictures with a spinning loop and put her voice into Belles. Her fave however was this one, there was a short clip of a cartoon and she was supposed to put sound to it by pressing the buttons as it lit up; Caitlin being Caitlin just pressed them as quickly as she could in any order. Made an interesting cartoon anyway.

When leaving the animation center look who we bumped into! I admit to being slightly excited when I saw Ariel as along with Merida she's my fave princess. Again I was worried about it being a scrum but it was really cival. Ariel was amazing at picking the kids who were waiting and if any other came up she would simply wave her arm around in what looked like a simple, regal motion but was actually sweeping all the kids back, lol.

After photos we went to the Stitch live show. If you haven't seen it before its basically a cartoon on a huge screen but theres someone behind it who puts on the Stitch voice and interacts with the audience. Its really funny and as both kids are huge Stitch fans we knew they'd love it. We had no idea how much! Stitch saw Camerons birthday badge and ended up singing him happy birthday along with the whole room. Cameron was so pleased and I sat with a huge lump in my throat trying not to cry. Said to mark that untill hes a teenager and we have to buy him a car, nothing will top that birthday :) On the way out, with a very happy little boy :) we bumped into Goofy too.

By now the kids were getting a bit tired but there was no point walking back to the hotel as we had tickets for Buffalo bills that night. After debating it a bit we decided to go back to discoveryland to go on Buzz again then for a drink at the Disneyland hotel. Things were certainly swayed in Camerons favour for the day as the ride broke down right in front of a purple diamond and he shot as much as he could, ending up with 148200 points and easily winning lol.
Cameron was still on a high when we went to the hotel, the first thing we noticed was the amazing smell. I commented on it to Mark who said 'Thats the smell of money' lol. We settled down in the HUGE chairs and ordered two kiddie cocktails for the kids, a 20th anniversary cocktail for me and a rum and coke for mark.
The waitress brought out a little bowl of peanuts and crisps which the kids tucked into, I was going to tell them not to but then the bill came with the drinks. 60 euros! I nearly choaked! Ok mine came with a glass I could take home but still! lol. Ah well you only do it once, and the cocktail was delicious ;)

After our drinks, and 3 bowls of snacks ;) we went to buffalo bills wild west rodeo. We were an hour early but it zoomed by, as we walked in we were greeted by mickey. We were the first there so he spent a while with Cameron, pointing to his badge and hugging and kissing him, then spotting the monsters on Cams t-shirt and pretending to be scared. Cam was in fits bless him.

The show was amazing as usual. There was loads of food and the kids loved screaming, banging and laughing along with the show. The rodeo clown was great, he brought out a 'dirty' sock which he wiped on my head and made Mark and the kids smell lol. The family next to us didn't find it so funny when he did it to them but hey ho, lol.

I don't know if it was the birthday badge again, or because we were good sports but at the end when the chocolate coins were given out we got 6 each rather than the one each the others got. Yum :) Asked cameron if he enjoyed his birthday, apprently it was his 'best birthday ever!'


  1. Some great photos there Gemma, a lovely one of you, Mark and Cailtin :) Look forward to the next installment...

  2. Bless him I'm so glad Cameron had a great birthday, sounds fab I'm v jealous! Xx

  3. Great photos and Cameron had an amazing birthday!


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