Monday, 6 May 2013

Disneyland day one

Yep Im back!!!! I know I didn't say I was going but I read too many horror stories of people advertising they're away on facebook or their blogs then come home to find their houses empty so I set some to post while I was away. We went on April 28th and just back last night. OMG it was AMAZING!!! I took about 600 photos but will try and make these posts not too photo heavy lol.

Day one we got up early. I'd told the kid we were leaving on the Monday but were going to a car boot Sunday so they needed an early night. I knew they'd never sleep if they knew they were going to Disney lol. Safe to say they were very excited when we told them.
The trip was pretty simple, Caitlin had a nap on the train to london while Cam played on his DS. Once at London we only had a 20 minute wait to get on the Eurostar. I managed to make a right idiot out of myself though, went to get a drink and could NOT work the stupid card payment thing. I was getting more and more irritated until a member of staff came over and started saying 'contactless' at me. I told him twice my card wasn't a contactless card until he finally took it off me and swiped it. Oh, it IS a contactless card. Woops.
Onto Eurostar. The staff were lovely and chatted away to the kids. I'd made them some goody bags to keep them occupied on the train so they opened those.

After a quick breakfast we were there! Dropped our luggage off at the Disney express and went into the Village to see the new World of Disney shop. It was a lovely looking shop but didn't sell anything particualy different which was dissapointing. Bought the kids their autograph books and got Mark a star wars lanyard and some pins. The shop windows were really interesting so tried to get some photos of those but was difficuilt in the sunlight.

Love how excited Cameron is :) After a quick look about we walked down to the hotel. Wasn't far at all really, nice walk along the river. Checked in which just took a few moments and the kids were given a little badge and a sweet which kept them quiet. The only breakfast for the next day was 10pm which was annoying but we asked about breakfast in the park and were given 4 days! I thought you were only allowed one so that was a nice surprise :)
Off to the room to rest a bit. Was only a short walk from breakfast so that was good, Caitlin was looking forward to sleeping in the top bunk bed but froze halfway up the ladder so that was out lol. Tried to put the TV on but it wouldnt work. Rung down to reception and guy came up. Tried to fix it but apprently was atmospheric problems? Oh well. Kids discovered they had star shaped nightlights above the bed which impressed them.
Enough of the room we walked into the park. Caitlin loved fantasia gardens so took some photos there.

Thought we've been here before, Caitlin doesn't remember it so I put my hand over her eyes until we got to main street and saw the castle. She looked up and me and her eyes filled! I nearly bawled myself lol. The park was really quiet which was surprising so we walked down to fantasyland. On the way loud music started and the fountains at the front of the castle started up and were moving to the music. I'd never seen it before so was amazing to watch.
We'd bought some pins off Ebay before we came as hubby really wanted to try pin trading. We were a bit worried people would be picky but the staff were great. They would let Mark or the kids pick one of theirs and then would just take any of ours in return. feel like I missed out never doing it before!
We went onto the carousel in fantasyland which the kids loved. I wanted to go see the Sleeping beauty stained glass but I was outvoted. We then tried to queue for Pinocchio but it broke down so went towards 'Its a small world' instead. On the way we found this :)

Caitlin was very excited to see Pascal :) Almost as excited as she was to go on 'its a small world' again. Funnily enough its the only ride she remembers from the first time we went and she loved pointing out the bits she knew.
After the ride we were pleased to see we were just in time for the parade. I won't put all my photos on, just my fave one :)

It was an amazing parade. Was funny watching Cameron watch it as obviously being a big boy he was FAR too cool to enjoy things like this. So he was standing, looking bored, but when he thought I couldn't see he would be jumping up and down and pointing characters out to Caitlin, just as excited as her. :)
As it finished we followed it into discovery land and as the queue for Buzz lightyears laser blast was so short we decided to do that before dinner. Cameron LOVED it even though he lost and took it very seriously. The concentration on his face as he shot was so funny :)
Though we had the half board plus vouchers we decided to save one for our last day and eat at Inventions at the Disneyland hotel, so rather than use one we went to Annettes Diner in the village. It was a 45 minute wait but went quite quick chatting with the family behind us. The food was amazing! I had an onion burger, mark a double rockabilly burger and the kids had fish and chips and chicken nuggets. Though none of us had eaten since breakfast and were starving we struggled to finish it. Mark also got the cherry coke which was coke with cherry syrup. Bless him we all stole most of it, lol.

Tried to take a nice photo of Mark but Cameron photo bombed it lol.
After dinner we were all so tired it was right back to the hotel for bed! Was a great first day :)

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