Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Quiet with only one

This morning Caitlin went to her friends house to play, well i say this morning she was there for 4 hours! We dropped her off at 10 and offered to get her a couple of hours later; Lucys mum said not to worry she'll txt us when the girls were bored. Well I tidied the house, played with Cam, then we all sat in silence playing computer games until even Cameron asked when Caitlin was coming home lol. It was so quiet without her! Apprently the girls had a great time though, they played nicely together and were quiet there too. Lucy is the same when she comes to our house, she is such a peaceful, well behaved little girl she seems to calm Caitlin down somehow. Pity we can't keep her. lol
After we'd picked her up we went to visit my Gran. Shes up and down at the moment so trying to see her as much as possible but on a good note the exercises the phisio gave her seem to be helping. Caitlin turned back into the crazy girl again and when mark was playing with his phone and taking nice pictures this is how she posed.

Funnily enough I really like it, ok its odd but it shows the unusual colour of her eyes.
Well I'm staying up late trying to book tickets for Epic tomorrow. because we're with orange we can do the buy one get one free but can only book on the day. Typically the website has JUST gone down so don't think Im the only one doing it, wish me luck!


  1. I love all the cool photo effects you get on phones. I had no idea you could book with Orange. We've been doing 2 4 1 for years but always turn up at the cinema and hope for the best! Thanks for the tip.

    Fi xx

  2. Great pic, hope you got your tickets...


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