Friday, 10 May 2013

Disneyland day 5

This morning we got up early planning to go to Studios for extra magic hours. I forgot that studios didnt actually HAVE extra magic hours so opps lol. It was freezing and foggy and wet which while yucky made for some interesting photos.

Caitlin finally got to go on the mad hatter tea cups :) She'd been asking to go on them all holiday but neither Mark or I really like spinning rides but as breakfast wasn't for a while we figured it's now or never! She made me laugh though when she asked 'How will they put sugar and milk in the cups when they keep moving?' lol. It wasn't as bad as I thought and didn't spin too much which was good.
Caitlin then spotted Cinderellas carriage, she asked why it hadn't changed back into a pumpkin so I told her that Disneyland is full of magic so it never runs out. She accepted this with a big grin. Love that its all so real to her.

More foggy photos :)

Breakfast again was in the Plaza gardens and was even worse this time. We got a later slot at 9:45 and a lot had run out and they wern't refilling it. After a quick breakfast we went on a couple more rides then got a ticket for the princess pavilion. The cast member gave us a choice of either Tiana or Ariel, we obviously choose Tiana as had met Ariel before. It was lovely how it was set up, there are two seperate areas screened off so you get time with the princess without people standing over you. I took some photos of myself but there was a professional photographer there who took some too and I LOVED this one of Cameron.

Tiana was so sweet. She asked the kids what their favourite part of her story was (not film, story :) ) and when Cameron said it was when the crocodile played music and scared everyone she told him all about how Louis lives in the lake outside the park, but he doesnt come out often as he worries he will scare the children. The kids adored her and Caitlin now wants to be a chef lol.

After a couple more rides (casey Jr, its a small world) we went to meet Jack Sparrow. The kids haven't seen Pirates of the carribean and Caitlin was a bit scared to meet a pirate, then this crazy man came running down the street waving his arms and screaming and she burst out laughing, not so scared of him anymore :) Interaction with jack was great, he asked the kids if they wanted to join his pirate crew, this was a bit much for Caitlin who stepped behind Daddy but Cameron said he did. He then asked Cameron to show him some sword fighting so cam waved his arm about like he had a sword and Jack pretended to be scared. He said to make scary pirate faces for the photos which was different and very cute.

After meeting Jack the kids both wanted to go on 'his ride' again, which Mark and I both said was darker and louder than before. I also had to cover baby Stitch with my coat as Caitlin was worried he would get wet. Stitch doesnt like water remember. ;) After a quick walk abotu the treehouse (not much fun for poor Daddy) we went to watch the celebration train. We'd been warned the characters get mobbed when they came off the train but didn't realise how bad it would be! We managed to meet Dale but decided against trying anyone else as it was just so busy. It was the first time I didn't see cast members trying to create some kind of order too.

Walking back we saw Winnie the pooh who Caitlin was very excited to see. Surprised me as shes not a huge fan of the stories but as long as shes happy :) Felt sorry for poor Winnie though as the temprature was rising very quickly and he must have been very hot!

As it was so warm we decided to go back to the hotel and change into some cooler clothes and pick up the sun cream. Hard to believe the horrible start to the day turned into the hottest one we had! Caitlin wanted to be Tinkerbell as that was her coolest outfit and she could wear her wings without her coat on.
Poor daddy was struggling today so when we returned to the park we went into the disneyland hotel to see the desent of the stars. As it got closer to 4pm when it was supposed to be I kept thinking 'are we in the right place' as there was only about 16 people there! Then staff sat all the kids on the floor at the foot of the stairs and the music started. It was great to see and so quiet and cival. Mark managed to sit and rest for the whole thing as I could easily keep an eye on him and the kids at the same time.

There was Mickey, Minnie, Eeyore, Chip and Dale. As we hadn't met Dale we spent some time with him first then I got a photo with Eeyore.

We didn't have too long left before dinner so went to see the dragon. Can you tell Caitlin didn't like it? lol.

She made my whole holiday though, we were going on Casey Jr again when she said this:
Caitlin - Lets pretend this is a dream and we can go anywhere on the train, where do you want to go?
Me - I don't know, where do you want to go?
Caitlin - Disneyland!
Me - But we're at Disneyland.
Caitlin - But being at Disneyland is like a dream.
Seriously! Made all the saving, planning and organising worth it. :)
After the dream ride we went to New york hotel buffet. It was one of the strangest buffets I've ever been to. The starter was either lots of different fish, or pickled veg, or soup. The soup wasn't labeled in English so I have no idea what it was but it tasted exactly like macaroni cheese. It was yummy, but strange lol. The mains selection was odd too, there were loads of meat dishes, but the only side was rice. no chips, mashed potato or anything, then for kids there was plain pasta, but no sauce. The food they did have out was mainly delicious (except the duck which was mainly fat) but I wouldnt go again as didn't feel it was a meal iykwim. Caitlin loved the fact the pasta was disney shaped though and ate a plate of that and cheese. Can you guess what she had for pudding?

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  1. I too hate spinny rides but LOVE Jack Sparrow - your daughter comes out with some fantastic sayings, so sweet :)


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