Thursday, 2 May 2013

Bit out of season but oh well

Halloween layout lol. In a swap on uks I got a load of halloween papers and embellishments. To be honest we don't do much for halloween so I don't have many photos but got this one last year. Caitlin wasn't too well bless her so Nanny pretty much did hers for her, but she liked scooping out the seeds :)

Not sure where I got these little frames from, think it may have been the same swap lol, but thought the colours went with the photo so used one here.

Looking forward to halloween when the kids get older, it's changed so much since I was a kid, I'd never let them go out and get food from stangers houses like we all did. When they get older though I hope that at least one of them will enjoy horror movie marathons and pizza like me and my friends used to :) Im imagining Cameron more than Caitlin will like the scary films but then again she does have a way to surprise me!

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