Thursday, 16 May 2013

Like mother like daughter

Tonight Caitlin decided she wanted to do some crafting. While I was up town I found a Ben 10 story book in Poundland for Cam, and bought Caitlin a 'grown up drawing' book so she would have a gift too. Amazing how happy a cheap gift makes them at this age :) Sure it won't be long before they're asking for £90 trainers so Ill enjoy this while it lasts! Anyway Caitlin couldn't find her scissors, so stole mine. Then she stole my punches, then some of my glue dots. Think I'm going to have to start hiding my stash.

Not like she doesn't have any of her own! She gets all of my offcuts and freebie papers, plus any alphas I don't like and loads of little embellishments plus some kind donations from some of mummys friends too. Not sure who makes a bigger mess while crafting, me or her.

Who do you think? lol


  1. Imogen loves using my stuff, not sure I love it though!!


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