Thursday, 30 May 2013

Loooooong day

I don't know why but today seems to have lasted ages, it really should be saturday by now! Camerons friend came round to play and I think with it being half term, and poor weather they were just over hyper, running about, bouncing off things. More than one toy got broke and I banned them to Cams room after they skidded into the wall and almost smashed my collectable Tinkerbell clock. Out of curiosoty I looked to see how much it would be to replace if they did smash it and found it going on Ebay for £158! I only paid £20! Granted that was in 2010 but still quite a mark up lol. Might put it somewhere safer.
Anyway the crazy boy is off to karate now so Caitlin is sitting watching Snow white. We rented it from Blockbuster after her loving the disney ride. I thought it might be a bit dark for her but shes enjoying it so far.

Ok I'm now sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Caitlins going through a phase where you can't laugh at her, she gets upset, no matter how much you tell her you're not laughing AT her iykwim. Anyway shes watching the film and suddenly shouts 'But Grumpy said not to let anyone in the house!! Its the witch!!!!' I can't laugh but it's so funny! Think we'll take her to a pantomime this year at Christmas lol, can see her sitting screaming 'They're behind you!!!' Either that or getting up on stage and telling them. We did take her to see Cinderella a couple of years ago but right at the start the ugly sisters joked if they saw anyone eating they would take their food. Well Caitlin then spent the whole time guarding her crisps like they were gold, lol. And yes I AM already planning Christmas, Mark thinks I'm mental but I've seen other crafty friends even making Christmas cards already so its not just me!


  1. Lol at Caitlin shouting at the TV, I do the same thing when people don't listen on the TV ;) She would definitely be fun at a pantomime! Hope Cameron worked out all of his energy at Karate! :)

  2. Don't do Christmas cards but I do plan ahead for Christmas so I'm not stressed in December!!!


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