Saturday, 11 May 2013

Disney day 6

Yey its the weekend :) Im just relaxing a bit this morning before taking Cameron to a party this afternoon. Its at a very loud, busy play center so guessing I won't be doing too much relaxing once I'm there! Almost done with the Disney reports now :)

Today was a very special day Just as we had spent Camerons 6th birthday in the park, today was Caitlins 5th birthday. We didn't plan them so close together but it worked out well! lol.
This morning was our last morning having breakfast in the park and we were back in Chalet de marionette. It was another late start at 9:45 and not much left again. We wern't too bothered this time though as we had the princess lunch booked for 2:30 so knew kids would be eating soon anyway.
Even though she was going to meet princess' later Caitlin wanted to go to the princess pavilion. We were usually there when it opened but managed to get a ticket for a slot an hour later. To pass the time we went on the usual rides Caitlin loved, Peter pan, Casey jr and its a small world. Going into the pavilion we met Sleeping beauty who was lovely. She chatted away to Caitlin wishing her happy birthday and admiring her dress.

Leaving we bumped into these two guys Pinnochio accidently signed Caitlins book upside down and Gepetto waved him finger at him lol.

As it was Caitlins day she got to pick what she wanted to do. Amazingly enough she wanted to go on Crushes coaster. Of all the things she could ask to do I think that was the last thing I expected. Poor Mark, as both kids were going on he had to to. He's not good with fast rides and his medication give him pretty bad motion sickness so you can imagine how pleased he was to go on it lol. Amazing Daddy that he is though he did it Kids (and Mummy lol) loved it but Daddy was feeling ill so we went to the stage area outside Stitch live for him to sit down. We were very glad we did as suddenly loads of characters came out! I won't put all the pictures as theres loads, just the two best ones.

The kids where thrilled to meet Stitch, even more so when he picked his nose with their pen and wiped it on Mark! They found Mushu very funny too as he snuck up behind me and scared the life out of me. Obviously very funny.
Now was time for Caitlins princess meal, sad to say was quite gutted with this. The princess' were great. They interacted with the kids and posed for photos etc but after seeing pictures I thought the princess' danced with the princes a bit. There were tables all over the 'dance floor' though so obviously they didn't do that. Our waiter didn't really listen to us either. The kids starter was listed as 'Fairy's delights' we asked what this was and he said it was cheese and bread. ok no problem. then he brought out some pink stuff and toast. We asked what it was and he said 'childs food' before walking away. Mark tried it and it was salmon. Glad he did as Caitlin is allergic to fish. The adults food was lovely though, I had the truffle stuffed quail with pear chutney while Mark had the salmon tartare. We ordered grilled beef burger and gravy for both kids but it took an age to come. This in itself wasn't a problem as Cinderella and snow white came around in that time so the kids were happy. However when the food came it was cold so we had to send it back. When it came back again we noticed the burger was pink inside. We decided this must be a French thing and wern't about to send it back again so told the kids to just eat the edge and the rest of the food. That didn't work too well for Cam however as he complained his mashed potato had bits in it. I tried it and yeah it was really lumpy. I mashed it with his fork a bit and mixed it with gravy and told him to do his best.
Obviously for Caits birthday we had ordered a cake. There were a couple of birthdays while we were there and we noticed only the waiters brought the cake out. We asked if one of the princess' could be there as well and told 'if they can' I was surprised as I thought that was a given if you booked it there. In the end sleeping beauty and the prince brought hers out along with the staff which was nice.
Over all for the price I wouldn't do it again. I get you're paying mainly for the princess interaction but I expected more than cold food and lumpy mashed potato

Caitlin loved it though, and the cake was delicious and HUGE. Cameron couldnt even finish his slice.

See his surprise at actually being full?! Doesnt happen often, boy is a bottomless pit!
Caitlin wanted to see dreams so we went back to the hotel for a nap returning to the park about 5pm.
The kids were hungry so we treated them to some popcorn. Funnily enough Disneyland is the only time they will ever eat the stuff lol. Bit like me and the hot chocolate On the birthday girls request we went onto the runaway mine train, which Mark strangely enjoyed, and the haunted manor before returning to wait for Dreams. tonight there were a number of carts about selling light up toys. It was really clever as there was a big sign on the cart saying 5 EUROS. However when you go look at the toys more closely most of them are 18 euros and only the Mickey headbands they keep on the side are 5 lol. I saw a lot of parents grudgingly handing over money while their kids walked off with their more expencive toy. I stood my ground though and only got the kids the cheap ones. Mean Mummy that I am.

Dreams was amazing again. i took loads of photos but will only bore you with two lol.

Not my best photo but I love the Brave section
Only 2 days left now :( Seems like it was ages ago we were there. Starting to get post-disney blues I think lol.

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