Saturday, 8 June 2013

Back to the land of the living. Almost

Remember how I said I was feeling rough on Thursday? Well that night it went from rough to 'shoot me now' I was shivering, aching everywhere and generally felt dreadful. I'm usually one of those who whines about being ill, but really just gets on with it but come 2am when I couldn't sleep and started crying I knew I was 'proper, poorly sick' as Caitlin says. :( Next morning Mark had to get kids ready and off to school. Was worried sick the whole time as he doesn't usually do it himself obviously but I just couldn't do it. I didn't see them off so god knows what they looked like lol. I slept pretty much all day and felt a bit better in the afternoon when kids came home. Thank goodness for automatic shut off however as when I went to make dinner it turned out Mark had made himself some packet pasta for lunch and left the gas on again! As he had put the lid down it had cut the gas off though so no damage done. Kids were thrilled because they basically got a junk food dinner, Greggs sausage and bean pasties, onion rings, wedges and beans. I had an onion ring and 2 wedges. If nothing else being poorly should have helped my diet!
Felling much more 'myself' today though, still not 100% and taking flu/cold pills to help but had to get out and about today so not much choice. Caitlin had her dancing exam which she said went well :) and had to go shopping afterwards. Had a very surreal moment driving through Asda car park, driving along, looking for a space, when Minnie Mouse drives past me in a silver convertable. I honestly though 'OMG I'm seeing things!' when Caitlin started squealing 'There's Minnie! there's Minnie!' Never been so glad to have her scream in my ear lol.


  1. How funny! Not funny being that sick though, is it - especially also trying to cope with children. Glad you're starting to feel a bit better! x


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