Saturday, 15 June 2013

Creative day :)

Been soooo productive today. Got up, did breakfasts and cleaned kitchen, livingroom etc. Then went out and tidied the garage and re-organised it, did the washing, re-filled the fridge/cupboard from our stocks then sat down for a coffee. Imagine my surprise when it was only 10:30!
Remember that magazine I ordered for Caitlins birthday? All the way back in April? Well after a number of issues I finally got the first one yesterday. Very unimpressed with the service but the magazine isn't too bad. One of the kits in this one was to make a candle holder from a jar and tissue paper. I cut the tree out but left Caitlin to the rest.
She was really pleased with herself :) Was good as was easy enough for her to do without help which little Miss independant likes to do now. lol
Because Caitlin got to do some crafting Cameron asked to make cakes. Now I HATE those kids cupcake packet mixes, the cakes always taste horrible and the mix is always slimey, ugh, but the kids love them. I don't usually get them but I saw a Hello kitty one reduced the other day for 55p so gave in and got one. Out of the whole box it made 6 cakes lol. It did have much more rice paper decorations but the kids ate them. Strange kids I think they're dreadfull and tasteless but there you go!
Last crafty thing :) I never have wrapping paper to hand unless its Christmas. Its so expencive and just ends up in the bin anyway. I have been known to hand over gifts as is lol. So a while ago I got a roll of wallpaper lineing and decided to let the kids decorate it and use as wrapping paper. Turned out quite well. :)
This is my Dads fathers day gift btw. :) Got him a set of car mats which yeah isn't the biggest gift in the world but it's what he asked for :)
Well after a busy day, I'm stressed, hormonal (girly time of the month) and crying at everything. Currently settling down to watch 'The impossible.' what could go wrong?!

ETA - think i managed about 10 minutes, got to the bit with the baby crying in the car and that was enough it's off now. lol

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  1. I too am in a "the world is against me" and "nothing is going right" mood - glad your day was productive :)


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