Friday, 28 June 2013

yey its friday!

Well today didn't start out the best. Was called into an all day training session so had about an hour to get everything sorted before dropping kids off at school. Managed it though, all caregiving sorted, dinner in the slowcooker and off I went with my very healthy breakfast/lunch of fruit in my handbag.
So training was really interesting, it was all about how it affects families when someone goes to prison. As you can expect there were a lot of debates about what rights prisoners should have but everyone was open minded to others points which was great as topics like these I think can get a bit heated. Most people were of the opinion that prison was too soft these days, prisoners have too many luxuries compared to those in old folks homes for example. That said I was amazed to find out how little help there was out there for their families. If a father was in prison and his child was taken into hospital for example there would be a good chance he wouldn't be told until a day or two later. While obviously prisoners should be punished it was sad how much of a punishment the families got too.
But yeah back to the healthy lunch in my handbag lol. I WAS planning to be healthy and good, then Maggie who organised the training decided to treat us all with a Pizza Hut. Diet went out the window lol. Was great though as there were loads of leftovers so I brought it home and that was kids dinner sorted. Ended up having a nice night cuddling up with the kids watching a film :) Have a voucher tomorrow for buy one get one free breakfasts at a local restaurant so said we'd treat them if they behaved. :)

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  1. I prefer cold Pizza Hut pizza. I always order a pizza to take home in the box for eating cold later and fill myself up on the salad bowl :)


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