Thursday, 6 June 2013

Bowl of coffee.

Been an odd day, poor mark woke up with a headache, he gets them quite often with the meds he's on but I think the fact the neighbours are putting up a fence and hammering away isn't helping. If I'm honest feeling a little rough myself too, had a sore throat yesterday and seems to have moved to my head this morning. Though again that could be the neighbours lol. Luckily Mark slept pretty much all morning so felt better enough this afternoon for me to meet my Mum. We had to take back a toy my Gran got for my niece which didn't work, then go and make the final payment for Grandads funeral. I mustn't have looked 100% when I met her because rather than getting our usual medium Costa she got a large. large was certainly how I would describe it! It was a bowl! lol.

Reminded me of the cups on 'Friends' when they would have coffee at central perk. Helped though lol.

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  1. Nick always has that size, I'd be weeing all day after drinking that!!!!


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