Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Crazy children

Half term is over :( as much as they may drive me mad I rellly miss the kids when they go back. Ok so they went back yesterday but I was busy all day so didn't get the time to miss them then lol. I miss when they were in nursery, and if we woke up and its a nice day we could just forget nursery and take them to the park or on a day trip, now its all rules and regulations. bah. To be honest I think the big crack down on NO holidays during term time is a bit much. I get it if the child has a lot of time off, or its an important time like during SATs or something but 5 days out of school a year at age 4/5 isnt a big deal I think. It does them the world of good to travel and enjoy different cultures and lets face it, who can afford to go outside of term time, its crazy! When we were looking at holidays in Turkey there was £2000 difference from one week to the next, just because the kids went back to school. I remember hearing years ago that they were planning on bringing in laws to make it cheaper to go on holiday out of term time but obviously that didnt pan out lol.
Well before we know it it will be the Summer holidays, woohoo! Already booked camping at the farm (weather permitting) and we're collecting lots of vouchers from The Sun and various other places to get some cheap day trips. We did send off for the Legoland tickets but annoyingly never heard back. My Mum got some but sods law they were for the day of Camerons sports day so can't miss that. If nothing else we'll have a great time at home :) Caitlin made me laugh over the weekend, Mark was sitting in his computer chair then suddenly shouted out. I ran in to find this

Crazy child lol.

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  1. That is a fabulous pic! is she saying "This is... The Death Star!"


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